In Browser Torrent Client

Torrents Time downloads and streams torrents instantly, directly from your browser! Just click on the torrent and start downloading and playing it easily and in no time.

Built in VPN

Torrents Time also offers built in VPN, so you can enjoy complete anonymity while downloading and streaming torrents directly from your browser! Quick, easy, and risk free!

Instant Streaming

Watch video torrents instantly, directly from your browser in the best quality possible, with built in automatic subtitles in loads of languages to choose from!

Cast to TV

Torrents Time also gives you Chromecast, Airplay and DLNA support, because we know that as much as it can be nice to watch things directly from your browser, watching them on the big screen is way better!

Supports All Major Browsers!

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Websites Owners

We designed Torrents Time to fully support and enhance the needs of users on video streaming, downloads and torrents websites, while taking into consideration the needs and wants of those site owners to maximize the value they can gain from embedding our solution on their website.

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Just imagine the endless possibilities that a bittorrent client inside the browser could grant you as a developer! You can use Torrents Time completely free for whatever project that comes to mind. It’s so easy and quick to use Torrents Time, all you need to know is Javascript.

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